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Debt Recovery

Ruthbridge collects delinquent debt on behalf of its clients. Our highly trained debt collection team uses a range of techniques to ensure maximum return in the shortest possible time.

Key features of our debt recovery service include (click on each heading to find out more about our processes):

No recovery, no fee

We operate a no-recovery, no-fee service for our clients. There are no hidden costs, so if we do not recover your debt, you do not pay.

Intelligent and proactive use of data

Ruthbridge understands the importance of data to not only maximise collections but minimise cost to enable us to provide our clients with a quality service at the right commercials. We use a number of data sources to enhance the quality of our data at the front end of our strategies while continued usage of credit reference agency data throughout the life cycle of the placement ensures a highly proactive approach to achieving the best results for our clients. Ruthbridge's internal business analysis team play an important role in analysing our vast archives of historical data to make smart, informed decisions and help the operational team evolve their collection strategies.

Contact technology

Maximising right party contact with your customers is the key to our success. Ruthbridge has made a significant investment in the latest technology to maximise right party contact with our customers so that optimal results can be achieved for our clients. We have a predictive dialler with integrated text to speech and SMS technology. Contact strategies and campaigns have been designed by Ruthbridge's experienced Management Team and are constantly reviewed and analysed for best right party contact rates. Ruthbridge's letter suite is compliant with the OFT and CSA debt collection letter guidance and aims to encourage customers to establish contact and start a dialogue with us.

Understanding your customers

Our team of Customer Advisors will quickly and sensitively determine an individual's ability to pay. Income and expenditure are reviewed and evaluated to determine an accurate picture of your customers' circumstances and assess their affordability before going on to negotiate a payment plan that is fair to both parties, is realistic and sustainable.

Easy payment methods

Payments can be made simply and quickly over the phone to our Customer Advisors via debit or credit card or by setting up a direct debit. We also offer a variety of automated payment methods including making a card payment through our website or making a card payment through our 24 hour payment processing telephone line.

Click here to download our Debt Recovery Brochure

If you would like more information on how Ruthbridge could work with you to improve your debt collection results then call Emmanuel Amissah on 020 8570 3131 for an informal discussion.