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What our clients say

Building relationships is at the heart of our business. We are committed to developing excellent client partnerships that are effective and enduring. We are always happy to provide references.

Here are just a few comments from our clients:

"We are fortunate to have been associated with Ruthbridge for many years, and have both an excellent working and personal relationship. It has been very encouraging over the past few years that they have recruited several excellent senior managers. I would definitely recommend them".

Steve Grima, Operations Director, Direct Legal & Collections


"A key strength of Ruthbridge is its adaptability; staff proactively seek feedback and pre-empt discussions. I appreciate the two-way communication we have and the efforts made to form a partnership, not just provide a service. This has enabled us to form a really positive relationship"

Jason Wallace, Head of External Collections & Support, Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd


"Ruthbridge get good, consistent returns where others have been unable to. They are very friendly, always willing to listen and learn, are flexible and deliver to deadlines. As well as tracing and contacting very evasive customers, they provide accurate reporting"

Roger Ridd, Possessions & Recovery Manager, Bank of Ireland.


"Ruthbridge gives a consistently good and very professional service. As well as providing specialist expertise, the team manages our account well and responds swiftly to meet our needs"

Chris Gover, Head of Possessions & Asset Management, Kensington Mortgages (Investec)